Sinclair Leasing Company has been in the auto and truck leasing business for over 62 years.

Leasing as a Business solution to corporate transportation:

  • No "Down payment"... Leasing frees your cash and does not tie up your credit
  • Cost of all services in one monthly rate - you pay only for the portion of the vehicle’s useful life consumed during the term of the lease. The vehicle, license, perhaps insurance and maintenance - all covered in the monthly lease payment
  • Simplified Tax Records
  • No cash outlay by your driver...We offer universal fleet fuel cards for gasoline purchases that are accepted at most service stations nationwide. Monthly reports of fuel purchase, type of fuel, cost per gallon, odometer and mpg. Provided at no additional cost to our lease clients.
  • "Plus" Benefits... Parts, service, and repair by expert mechanics can be arranged by us. We resolve service problems, warranty claims, and recalls through our daily contact with the manufacturers and their dealer network.
  • Full Maintenance Lease Option All service, maintenance and repair problems are taken care of and paid for by us, including a replacement vehicle while the work is being performed at no extra cost to you.
  • Fleet Insurance Option A monthly payment program designed to optimize cash flow and insurance management through an "A" rated insurance carrier. $1,000,000.00 coverage at competitive rates with managed comprehensive and collision claims.
  • Purchase option gives you the opportunity to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease for a predetermined price.
  • Leasing removes worries associated with ownership, i.e., shopping new car prices, license renewals, disposing of a used car, valuable company time maintaining vehicles
  • Vehicle specialists lease any make and model of domestic and imported car or truck. We will assist you in deciding best vehicle for your needs, the advantages and shortcomings of each vehicle. We buy your vehicle at the lowest possible cost.

You select the car or truck you want - all of the rest of the costs and hassles of owning and operating a vehicle for between 1 - 5 years you transfer to us.

Call to find out if leasing is right for you.

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