Benefits of Leasing

Leasing and Its Advantages

Begun as an economical way to provide vehicles for business use, leasing has today become a popular way for the fleet operator to obtain cars and trucks for company and personal use without ever actually owning the vehicle. Basically a lease is a contract in which monthly payments are made to a leasing company in exchange for the use of a vehicle for a pre-determined period of time. Unlike financing, where payments are based on the entire cost of the vehicle, lease payments are generally calculated to cover only that portion of the vehicle’s worth that you will use; that is, you pay for the difference of the vehicle’s original value and its projected worth at the lease termination. For this reason, lease payments are generally lower than finance payments.

Consider The Advantages

Very possibly you should lease rather than buy your next vehicle! Most people who “buy” a car or truck do so with money they “lease” from a bank or other financial institution. Leasing had its first success with companies who wanted to provide “company car” transportation for their salesman and other personnel, but did not want the bother and headaches of service, maintenance, licensing, inspections and resale of used units.

  • A Lease is written for a fixed amount of time – usually two to five years – to enable you to enter an agreement that most closely matches your desired vehicle trading cycle.
  • You have the convenience of returning the vehicle at the end of the lease – not worrying about trading it in to a dealer or having to sell it yourself
  • Many leases include a purchase option that gives you the chance to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease for a predetermined price.

Full Service Leasing


  • License renewals
  • Maintenance, repairs and new tires
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emission testing (where required)
  • State inspection (where required)
  • Warranty and repairs and factory recalls
  • Pickup and delivery of your vehicle for required service work
  • A loaner vehicle while your vehicle is being serviced