About us

Sinclair Operating Company (Sinclair Leasing) has been family owned and operated since 1952. We started as a rental company providing vehicles to the Albert F. Goetze Company in Baltimore, MD. We expanded our services as our clients’ needs changed. We are now able to provide products and transportation services, such as,

Auto and Truck Leasing; Short-term rentals for our existing customers;
Fuel Management with Fuel Cards and Reports; Full Service Plans; and
Insurance options. We now service clients Nationwide, of any size, including the Federal Government.

The auto industry is changing fast right now and we are here to adapt and learn. Our mission is to advise our customers of the updates so they can make the best informed decisions for their company.

Our goal is to continue to offer services requested by our customers, customized to their needs, with the high level of personal service that our clients have come to expect.